3 Helpful Tips for Fitness Outside of the Gym, by CA Cody


1)      Chart your Progress – Keeping track of your workouts is one of the best things you can do.  Keeping track of your weights, reps, sets, or times is helpful for progression.  It is easy to fall into a comfort zone and not move forward, but by tracking your workouts you will be able to see no progress is being made and you will be able to change that.  Also it is a great tool, used to look back and see how far you have come.  Nothing promotes progress as well as seeing results.


2)      Eat your Protein – For some reason there has been a myth that protein is only good for men trying to gain huge amounts of muscle.  Protein is essential for recovery as well as muscle gain.  Men and women can both benefit from eating protein.  Protein also helps fat loss in multiple ways.  More muscle = higher metabolism, and protein can curb hunger.  It’s a great way to trick your brain into thinking you are full, therefore eating less calories.  Eating less calories than you burn during exercise is the only way to lose weight, so eat your protein!


3)      Carbs are not the Enemy- Your body needs carbohydrates to fuel your workouts, so reach for fruit or high-fiber crackers an hour before you exercise. The myth of ‘carbs are bad for you’ is detrimental to fitness.  Carbohydrates are necessary for the energy needed to have a great workout.


Source: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/workout/tips/quick-tricks/best-workout-tips/


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